kalah , tidak menang

assalamualaikum w.b.t.

bersempena bulan Akademik PERUBATAN (Medicophillic Month) yang sudah pun melabuhkan tirainya pada 29 April yang lalu , maka terjawablah segala persoalan pada minda setiap peserta yang menyertai pelbagai pertandingan yang diadakan termasuklah penulis sendiri . Sekadar ingin berkongsi artikel yang dihantar tetapi tidak berjaya memperoleh sebarang hadiah dan sebagainya.Namun , kalah menang adat bertanding , sudah diterima pihak penganjur dan diadili sudah cukup menggambarkan kepuasan dalam diri .

meskipun kalah dan tidak menang , semoga ia berjaya memenangi hati-hati mereka yang membacanya serta memperoleh barakah dan inayahnya daripada Allah sw.t.

Saeed Zubeir bin Zahari
2nd Year , Faculty Of Medicine 
Al-azhar University 

Do you know  , a heart pumps nearly five liter of blood per minute so that every part of our body gets its sufficient supply of oxygen and able to get rid of carbon dioxide and other waste products. As a human  , we should be thankful for this purposeful creation for our maintenance of life. However , have you ever imagine that behind this wonderful organ working all over the time , lies many unrevealed secrets that only its creator knows that.

As we know , a heart  consists of 4 chambers. Right and left atriums and ventricles. Each of them carries out their own special function even though all of them generally receives and pumps bloods . It is not just a simple process for them to endure and beneath that task , these four chambers contribute for millions more benefits for us.

The first chamber is right atrium. It receives blood from many sources such as superior vena cava and inferior vena cava. Then , it transmits the collected blood to next chamber , the right ventricle. The blood received is deoxygenated one , polluted by many other cells in our body after they got the nutrients from the blood.

Just like Islam , It doesn’t care from which religion you are from. Once you receive your true call, Islam will always have its door opened for everyone to come in. No matter how tarnished your life before , how strayed away you have become , everybody is very welcomed to stay in the chamber of islam.

Right atrium then push the blood to the second chamber , right ventricle. Here , right ventricle will push the blood to be oxidized by the lung through pulmonary artery. Anatomically , the most prominent feature of right ventricle is the presence of the tricuspid valve which have three leaf-leats like structure that guard the passage of blood and prevent backflow.

When we’ve become a muslim , by hook or by crook we have to enter the next stage of this religion that is to undergo the education of Iman. Like the deoxygenated blood , go to lung to be oxidized  back , when we revert back to islam , iman will cleanse every dirt of sins that  polluted our life before. Whoever  returns back to the path of islam will become as sinless as a newborn child. Iman on the other hand  maintains this process so that , we will always on the right tract of righteousness and truth.

The tricuspid valve symbolized the three main question that every muslim has to understand and realize. This three important questions are , from where we came from , why we are created , and to where we are going to go. Each question comprises different significances but all of them point to a single purpose related to our existence in the world , The Almighty states in the Holy Quran , chapter  Adz-Dzariyat , verses 56 ,  ‘I have only created Jinns and men , that they may serve Me’.

After finishing the right half of our heart , the blood purified by the lung and then goes to the third chamber, the left atrium through the pulmonary veins. We have four pulmonary veins in spite of only two pulmonary artery because arterial blood contain very high pressure. Being a muslim , we have a lot of work and that require more hands That is a big opportunity to make something beneficial for others. Just like the importance of having four pulmonary veins instead of two.

The third chamber reminds us about Taqwa . Why ? Because , in this chambers all of the new oxygenated blood is collected before the last chamber . So , there’s a big responsibility as the blood pass by. As a muslim , to become one is to uphold an oath. An oath to do everything Allah told us and to stay away from everything forbidden from us. However  , life is not as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Obstacles and hardships will always come. Being able to face them strongly is to fulfill the principles of taqwa. Fear Allah only , will bring joy to our life entirely.

Finally , the fourth chamber’s turn. The blood collected will soon pass through the mitral valve or bicuspid valve. Different from tricuspid , it has only 2 valvse. This two valves reflect two most important things in our life. Both acts as universal guidance and without these two , we are going to astray from the pace of Allah forever. That is , Quran Al –Karim and prophet’s hadeeth.  That’s why , we as a muslim , unavoidably have to clench to both of them for a better and safe life.

The last chamber commemorates us about Ihsan. Usually , people interpret Ihsan as being a good person or doing a good thing. Literally , it’s true because , last chamber will be responsible of pumping the blood to all other parts of our body. That is a good deed for the continuity of life for other organs. By doing something good to other people , the benefits not just applied on us but also results in delightfulness for others too.

Actually , Ihsan is the spirit of doing anything under  the surveillance of Allah. Serve Allah like you can see him , As if you cannot see Him , just remember  that He always has his eyes on you. This principles is equivalent to muraqabatullah which we means always feel  and experience the presence of Allah in whatever we do , or wherever we are.

As a muslim , we become a leader. As a leader , we must commend ourselves  to serve the others with respect and honesty. Not just that , a true leader will never  abandon any of his responsibilities and always inaugurate the tassk of his life with his full-heart and spirit. Our Prophet Muhammad may peace upon him , shows us , how to become a great leader. Being a muslim , that’s the key to success. Enjoy the bliss of  teachings of Iman . That’s number two. Never  pass beyond the boundaries of Islamic principles and always shade under the shadow of taqwa and finally , always seek for Allah because He always see us. These  are the four secrets of our heart.

Although we can always come up with more than these four words to describe how amazing the heart is , what’s more counted  is how we , as a normal person with full of sins and wrongdoings , appreciate everything given to us and do it for good. Even rich people may live a miserable life and those poor encounter with happiness all the time , the foremost things is to become an appreciative person in front of Allah and knelt in humble and devotion.

Not just that , the heart with four chambers and millions of secrets that  lie within it, scientifically  proven by research that it does not  produce ‘lupp’ and ‘dupp’ sound. It is just a sound perceived by our ears during the examination. However, heart does contract and expand. As we know , one of Allah’s name is  Al-Qabidh , means The Contractor and Al- Basith , means The Expander. So Why not we believe that , besides  producing a ‘more or less’ significant sound , our heart actually saying Allah’s name all over the time ‘rab, rab’. As one of our organ can always remember Allah all the time , why can’t we , a leader take that example from it?

In a nutshell , the necessity of being a leader is the same as our need for a heart. So , rather than being a lumpy person , let’s become a non-stop working creature like our heart. Turn on our heart automatically so that it can beat rhythmically according to Allah’s sequences. Stimulate our spirit so that it will not fluctuate like the continuous contractility of it and light up our motivation to become as excitable as our heart. Shift our paradigm so that it can conduct the impulse of Islamic approaches to all across the country. We are the essence and pioneer of revolution of the ummah.

Our heart is a four chambers of secrets but our unseen heart  is a bigger secret to be discovered!

Saeed Zubeir bin Zahari
Tahun 2 , Fakulti perubatan
Universiti Al-Azhar 

Pernahkah kita terfikir , di kala kita sedang sibuk menggerakkan jemari kita menyiapkan nota pelajaran setelah seharian kita berjuang di dalam kuliah bersama buku dan mata pena , ada masyarakat di luar sana yang betah duduk di birai jalanan tenggelam dengan lamunan dunia yang mengasyikkan.Kita di sini khusyuk menghafal segala terma dunia perubatan , mentelaah segala istilah agar lekat di dalam ingatan dan manusia di sekeliling kita hanyut dengan kimia fatamorgana hingga meletuskan epidemik cacamarba.Pernahkah?

Persoalan itu , hanya mampu dirungkai oleh hati yang basah dengan keimanan.Mengapa? Hanya iman sahaja yang bisa membangunkan nurani manusia untuk bangkit di celah kegelapan buana setelah kelambu nafsu menyelimutkan kita. Jika diteliti , realiti kita sebagai mahasiswa terpelajar, hidup di dewan kuliah semata hingga lupa tugas pendita , keluar mencurah bakti menyelamatkan ummat yang terus mati.Lupa sabda nabi , erti hidup pada memberi.

Tatkala kita melaungkan ikrar , memijak bumi nil untuk kembali bersama segulung ijazah bergelar doktor perubatan , maka secara terusnya , kita berjanji untuk menjadi doktor kepada masyarakat. Tidak dinafikan , tugas seorang doktor adalah mengubati penyakit pesakit , namun bukan sahaja kita melakukan diagnosis kepada infeksi fizikal sahaja , tetapi juga kita menerapkan terapi rohani dalam masa yang sama.

Apakah kita tidak tahu , bahawa peluang kita untuk menyentuh hati-hati masyarakat di luar sana terbuka luas seperti luasnya gapura rahmat Allah kepada kita? Jika dilihat pada  bancian hari ini , orang pertama yang paling dipercayai adalah doktor.Seorang doktor tidak akan menipu mengenai perihal penyakit dan kondisi terkini persakit.Bahkan seorang pesakit akan sentiasa menghubungi doktor untuk mengetahui perkembangan penyakitnya.

Jadi gunakanlah peluang ini untuk menyebarkan kefahaman islam agar semua pesakit yang kita rawat tahu bahawa , bukan kuasa doktor menyembuhkan penyakit , tetapi kehendak Allah lah yang mengubatinya.Bayangkan , jika kita mampu untuk mengajar seorang pesakit untuk memulakan makan ubat dengan kalimah bismillah , maka itu pun sudah cukup untuk menjadi mahar memberat mizan di akhirat kelak.

Tidak mustahil , seorang doktor yang bercita-cita tinggi melihat Islam tertegak sebagai pendokong sistem pentadbiran alam ini , mampu mencetuskan fenomena pengislahan dalam proses merawat fizikal pesakit amnya masyarakat setempat.Menjadi penggerak kepada masyarakat agar kembali sujud mentauhidkan Allah dan meruntuhkan segala berhala nafsu serakah yang tumbuh ibarat kaduk naik junjung di dalam hati kita ini.

Mungkin kita mampu menyenaraikan puluhan cara untuk menjadi doktor yang berkaliber dan terbaik .Namun biarlah kita menumpahkan sepenuh tenaga kita dalam melunaskan perkara asas ini terlebih dahulu.Betulkanlah niat kita  kerana setiap perbuatan itu tergantung pada niatnya.Murnikan nawaitu kita dalam bersungguh mencari thaqafah duniawi ini agar lempiasnya turut memberati timbangan ukhrawi.

 Jika Rasulullah yang dilahirkan tidak tahu menulis dan membaca itu mampu untuk membumikan syariatnya hingga sampai kepada kita hari ini , masakan pula kita yang terbukti berjaya terbang beribu batu membelah angkasa dan samudera tidak berani menyahut cabaran tersebut.Jika seorang penguasa  menjadi ketua dengan meletakkan syariat Islam  di hadapan matanya , maka tidak akan sumbang langkahnya kerana Allah sentiasa ada menuntun perjalanannya. Dengan restu suci seorang murabbi itu , bersiap siagalah untuk bangkit ke medan perjuangan yang sebenar!

alhamdulillah , meski penulis tidak berjaya membawa pulang sebarang benda sekalipun (selain memori , kenangan dan kegembiraan) penulis tetap gembira dan bangga kerana pelajar daripada universiti Azhar agak ramai yang datang dan stay samapi ke akhir program . Yang paling dibangga kan , 3 pelajar universiti Azhar berjaya mengukir nama mereka di persada pertandingan . 

Johan Public Speaking : Muhd Farhan Nohd Nasarudin (1st year)
Naib Johan kuiz Tahun 3 : Muhd Umair bin Abdullah Zen (3rd year)
Tokoh Akademik PERUBATAN : Muhd Yazid bin handzir (3rd year)

meskipun hanya nama-nama di atas sahaja yang bergema di dalam dewan arma tempohari , namun pemenang sebenarnya adalah yang turun dan campur tangan dalam menjayakan segala program yang telah dijalankan .

tribute to these people

Afham Arif
ZulFitri Azmi
Luqman Hakim
Zayyad Basorudin

kerana telah mewarnai duniaku yang 'kelam' seketika ketika itu



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