Jaulah Cinta..... second day

swimming at SBP

as new day started... i woke quite late that sobah.I went to toilet and get dressed and woke all of f5 student up.Without wasting any moment, i walked to the musolla and get my ablution with others with sleepy and unpredictable faces.That morning prayer was so calm and smashing my hearts especially during the Sajadah recited by the talented imam.After praying Ustaz Hadi gave some tazkirah and wonderful words of welcome however sleepiness seems to be so powerful until i myself sometimes got unconcious during the speech.....

That morning, we all go to SG Batu Pahat and Bukit Air for a swim and relax.Arriving at SBP was exactly giving me a shock because of the colour of the water and the quite atmosphere around. Even though i refused to bathe at first however curiosity pushed me into the water and my skin touched by the brown and flowing water untul i myself felt so itchy and uncomfortable. After a very daring moment spent there we went back to Matri with tiring mood for our lunch.

The Jumaat prayer was so full with people until i worried that i will never got a place to sit and pray.After that i saw some of my batch but i scared to meet them because they were talking with others that i didn't know.So i made myself back to hostel,preparing for next move.After a mile away from matri, we reached Kuala Perlis just to taste Laksa Kuala Perlis.For me there is nothing different between Laksa Kuala APerlis and Laksa Penang.Both are similar but LKP do not have salad and replace with cabbage.

With full stomach , we return back to Matri in rainy weather hoping we can play with them. Alhamdulillah.....we can, however ,sad to say...we lose for 8 vs 0 with Matri....sedihnye!!!!!!
but...i got to say that UKHUWWAH MERENTASI KEMENANGAN. Menang is nothing compare to ukhuwah and alhamdulillah...SMAKL dissapointed players are so happy becuase they know Matri's capabilities and strength......


team SMAKL vs team MATRI

That night is our last moments....listening to sacred words from Cg Azmi was so exciting and touching.And yet before we left Maahad Attarbiyah Al-ISlamiyah..... i did meet everyone i know to show how i appreciate their hospitality.... i cried in the bus alone ...... and prayed that i will go there back..InsyaAllah

murabbi mithali...Cg Azmi Bahari

ole-ole...sebelum berangkat...that is the saddest moment


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initial ME 2
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komuniti PERUBATAN

kau di dalam bayanganku

aku tersenyum dalam gembiramu
kau menangis di celah kedukaanku
kala ku bermimpi di siang hari
kau hadir bila malam meniti
kita menyanyi di setiap langkah kaki
kita menyanyi pada baris alunan nurani

tapi aku tidak nampak
pada tanganmu yang bergerak
aku tidak lihat
pada senyumanmu yang tersurat
aku tidak merasa
pada jiwamu yang selalu bersama

hingga kini
aku karam dalam lautan emosiku
terpukul dengan gelombang melankoliku
di tengah arus tsunami hati
yang bergelojak tinggi
yang ku nanti kapal menyelamat
hanya aral harapan yang berselirat

ku ingin kau disampingku selalu
ku mahu mimpi kau dan aku bersatu
tapi mana mungkin impian terlaksana
belum pasti harapan menjadi nyata
bisakah gagak dan merpati
terbang sebelah menyebelah
tak mungkin berdiri sama tinggi
duduk pula sama rendah

namun hatimu bukan palsu
dan jiwaku bukan boneka baldu
disaat aku terus mimpikanmu
akan ku terus mencintaimu
akan ku selalu merinduimu
akan ku sentiasa menyayangimu
meskipun sejak dari mula ku tahu
kau hanya di dalam bayanganku

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